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From Root To Fruit: Beat The Summer Heat With These Refreshing Cocktails

Anushka posted on 11 May

With summer, work and a hectic schedule in full swing, we all need a little bit of a pick-me-up and by that, we mean cocktails. Move beyond the regular mojito and sangria, and embrace a set of refreshing cocktails which will cool you down. With everything from wasabi syrups, Earl Grey bitters to popcorn-infused whisky cocktails – The Fatty Bao will make sure that every hour spent drinking cocktails is a happy hour.

Wow Ming

Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better name for this impressive cocktail. A fruity blend of grapefruit and fresh thyme – this one is tangy and surprisingly delicious. Who says money can’t buy happiness?


Nope, we’re not talking about Korean pop music, but this cocktail will get you singing a happy tune for sure. A mix of popcorn-infused whisky and a dash of wasabi syrup served on the rocks with Earl Grey bitters. Intrigued?

Forbidden Fruit

We’re going to go ahead and encourage you to try this Forbidden Fruit, only because resisting this fruity concoction of plum puree and grapefruit ginger syrup is futile! Especially when tequila is the base. This one truly is, paradise in a glass.


They say chamomile tea has a calming effect, but since our cup is for cocktails only, we suggest you try The Fatty Bao’s BigBamBoom. Composed of chamomile gin and wasabi syrup topped with soda, it’s served in a bamboo glass for that extra kick.


Go green with love, not envy with this drink that blends refreshing basil leaves, matcha syrup and rum, all mixed together in harmony.

Yoko Oh No

Apart from loving the pun in the name, this spritzer is both light and fresh, with flavours of basil and cucumber. Perfect for unwinding on a hot summer night, this will be your go-to summer cocktail.


Korean cuisine and cocktails mix for an interesting taste with Kim-Back-Too, a fiery combination of kimchi and vodka shots. Spice up your day with a sour kick and let them good times roll!

With the freshest ingredients, wide range of spirits and bartenders that know how to make us cocktail crazy, The Fatty Bao’s fun summer menu satiates both our hunger pangs and craving for that post-work drink {actually drinks any time!} So text your squad, make those plans and have an evening of mouthwatering food, exotic selection of cocktails and good conversation. After all, we only drink cocktails on days that end with y!

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