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Here's Who You Need To Call To Sculpt Your Enviable Summer Bod

Poorna posted on 13 March

Summer’s practically here, which means we need to shed our winter clothing, as well as a few kgs. So, quit making excuses because if you can’t {or don’t want to} make it to a gym, these guys are all you need to achieve your body goals – right from the comfort of your home.

Personal Trainer

Whether you’ve been playing the fitness game for a while or are a newbie with goals of better and stronger you, Narender Kumar is your guy. He can train you to move mountains and even climb them! His extensive knowledge in the field of fitness and sports, added to his focus on good form and technique makes him not only the fitness coach you need but also the coach you deserve. Contact: +91 9711495360

Stretch Yourself

We believe yoga should be a constant in one’s life. It’s a wonderful workout by itself and also a great accompaniment to your current routine. All styles of yoga {hatha, vinayasa etc} help strengthen your core, getting the maximum burn from your workout. If you can’t make it to a yoga studio, give Rakhi Chaudhuri a call. She runs a studio and can also come home to you to teach you everything from hatha yoga and TRX yoga to adaptive yoga, where the asanas are changed to suit people who might have medical problems or are recovering from injuries. Contact: +91 9711198706


The Internet is replete with articles on what to have and what not to have but, honestly, we think it can be very confusing and sometimes hard to adapt to our lifestyle. This is where nutritionists like Neha Khanna from Weigh II Happiness comes in. Neha gives an in-depth understanding of what you can eat, in what proportions and when, so you achieve your goals. Building mass or losing fat – all goals need a proper diet and nutrition plan along with hours spent at the gym. Contact: +91 9899613896