Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter: Let Us Tell You How

Abhijeet posted on 30 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re a foodie {like us}, or would like to lose some weight {like us} or dream of packing shapely cut abs in the summer {like us}, winter is where you start.

The D Word

So, we begin with the much hated, but very important D word, diet. We cannot impress this upon you enough, but your diet is the most essential aspect of a weight loss programme.

There is a whole range of diets you can follow, from Keto to Atkins to Paleo. Since we aren’t doctors, we can’t tell you what diet suits your exact needs, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to see a dietician. You can check out two dieticians in Delhi here and here.

The E Word

Ok, sorry to make it sound nightmarish, but Exercise. The things you have to do to look your best and live a healthy life. Sigh.

Again, a range of New Age exercises like Zumba, crossfit, pilates, aerobics and martial arts have cropped up across town and with the old-wine-in-new-bottle yoga classes finding a new life, your options are unlimited.

So, we’re saying, RUN! No really, run, apparently it’s great for body. We kid of course, not only is it the oldest form of exercise, but this was all there was to exercise before it became a cesspool of choices which spoiled us.

So, Where Should You Start?

Start by creating a sweet, upbeat playlist on your iPod or phone, buying a nice pair of trainers, and heading out the door. Just start easy by running for 10 minutes at a slow but steady pace, and build on that.

Here are some awesome running trails in Delhi that you should check out.

Next comes running hard and far. One simple formula to improve stamina is following the 10 per cent rule. Improve how far and for how long you’re running by 10 per cent every week {do remember to keep a recovery period for all those muscles every three weeks}.

Next is strength; it helps you run longer without the injuries. There are a few things you can do to improve your strength. Here’s a video that gives you all the details.

You could also check out these videos that will give you the A-Z of everything running. Check them out here.

Now all you need is your willpower. Just commit to yourself and hold true to your words. So, can we finally say it? Summer, here we come!