It’s no secret that Delhi peeps love their beer and cocktails. But for the teetotallers out there, and for the ones who simply want to take a break from alcohol and indulge in some summer deliciousness, we picked out some of the most refreshing mocktails in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Spremuta At Amici

Essentially a lemon soda garnished with mint, Amici has the ratio of the sweet and sour worked out perfectly. The perfect way to end a tiring day of shopping!

Apple Lemonade At Potbelly

On that super hot day when you want something just a little bit more than the regular nimbu paani, Potbelly doesn’t disappoint. Their apple and mint infused lemonade is the perfect cure for that parched throat. We especially love the generous slices of apple thrown in.

Fancy Wasabi At Warehouse Cafe

Also known as the Japanese horseradish, wasabi is most often used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine and has a spicy sting to it. The peeps at Warehouse Café have taken this and blended it with lemonade and kiwi. The result is a refreshing beverage, with just that tinge of spice to it.

Meth Soda From Baking Bad

Don’t worry; it’s not the meth you are thinking about! The enticing drink at Baking Bad {see what they did there?} is bright blue in colour {of course}, and tastes of banta, with a whole sliced chili floating in it. We recommend this for those who live for spice.

Orange Date Mojito At Dramz 

Fresh orange chunks and dates put a whole new spin on the classic mojito. The dates add an interesting flavour to it, while the orange keeps it fresh and summery. If you’re looking for a heavier drink, go for the Chocolate Mint Sensational, a concoction comprising dark chocolate, mint and apple.

Sekanje Bin At SodaBottleOpenerWala

SodaBottleOpenerWala never disappoints with its food. The novelty permeates the beverage menu as well! The Sekanji Bin is a delicious drink made up of dry plum and mint.

Guava Mary At Harry’s Bar & Cafe

Think of a Bloody Mary, but with guava juice instead of the usual tomato. Now take the vodka out, and you’ve got yourself a kickass mocktail. The fruitiness mixed with the zesty tabasco makes for an interesting, chatpata drink.

Cinnamon Sparkle At Crazy Noodles

No, cinnamon isn’t only reserved for apple pies; it can also land up in your drinks! A mix of sprite, lemon and cinnamon, the Cinnamon Sparkle at Crazy Noodles is perhaps the best use of Sprite we’ve seen in a mocktail.

Wasabi Mary At Tawak

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your virgin mary even peppier, add wasabi to it. Tawak, the Pan Asian restaurant in Noida, does a mean version of this mocktail. Plus it’s a great way to make sure the drinks are a great fit with the cuisine, isn’t it?