Ready To Rock And Roll For Sunburn 2019? Check Out All These Simple Hacks For Gram-worthy Pictures With OPPO Reno2

It’s December, and something is exciting about the nip in the air that all of us can feel every now and then. No, it isn’t really the excitement about curling up on a cold evening. We are talking about the sweet escape to the beaches, oceans and fun-filled musical evenings. You are guessing it right. It’s for OPPO Sunburn Goa 2019 which is about to take place in Goa from 27th to 29th December! If you haven’t planned your trip yet, then you probably should. If you are an EDM fan, you won’t miss out on global chartbuster artists like The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Flume, Martin Garrix and many more, performing in a single place. 

If you have planned it though, we’ve got news - we’ve found who your best buddy at this year’s event is going to be – And that is none other than OPPO Reno2! It’s not really an everyday chance to catch your favourite artists live in the city. So, wouldn’t you want to get the perfect pictures? Read on to know how you can do that at the Asia’s largest music festival with your OPPO Reno2.

Steady Up, Soldier & Catch All The Action!

The ultimate dilemma of everyone at every EDM festival occurs when the beat drops. Do you jump and scream and dance, or do you make a video of all those beats you’d want to go back to again and again? Well, what if we tell  you  that you could do both, without ending up with a botched and blurry video? That’s exactly what OPPO Reno2’s 48MP (yesss) ultra-clear main camera lets you do. Dance and jump your heart out, without worrying about capturing great images and videos. Here’s the best of both worlds!

Attend the Festival, But Also Be a Pro- With No Effort At All!

The most awaited time of the year is here, and it's #TimeToStandOut. Hold on to that adrenaline rush and make crystal clear videos of your euphoric moments. Wondering how? The answer is simple. Make OPPO Reno2 your perfect partner, a smartphone that comes with the world's first pop-up camera with video bokeh mode, and has the ability to capture professional-quality selfie videos. Capture dream-like selfie videos even in a dim-lit ambience. To add a cherry on the cake, the device also comes with an auto beautification setting that works wonders. Click sharp and enhanced selfies and get a million likes on social media platforms with OPPO Reno2 by your side.

Dim The Lights For a Good, Good Party

If there’s a trademark atmosphere that OPPO Sunburn Goa is known for, apart from the great music, it’s their mind-blowing stages and arenas with super fun lighting. Just imagine: Martin Garrix drops the beat, and the lighting shuffles in accordance to the song, and so do you. But when you’re scrolling through your gallery next day, or checking your posts from the night, all you find is a mess: no real footage of the scene, but just darkness. Here’s where OPPO Reno2 will be your best buddy again with its Ultra Dark Mode 2.0! Capture images in practically zero light, you’d never realise that you never had a full, bright lighting set up just for you. And that’s not it- its pop-up front camera is amazing when it comes to taking low light selfies too. Goodbye hazy memory(!), hello great super low-light images! 

Don’t Miss Out On Fan-Screaming Your Heart Out

If we tell you that Sunburn Goa is all about the lights, drinks, music, and the chill vibe,  we are missing out on something huge. For a lot of us, it’s all about seeing the artists we love and listen to every day, right in front of us. We’ve all had moments where we stare blankly out of the window, imagining our favourite artist performing for us. And yet, with all the love from these huge crowds, there’s a chance you might end up getting pushed back in the arena, barely being able to see the stage. So, here’s a golden Sunburn hack: OPPO Reno2’s 20x Digital Zoom! Let the crowd be, raise your hand up high, and simply zoom into the stage area. It’ll be like seeing the artist up, close, and right next to you. 

On this trip you make to Goa, escape winter blues to enter the brightness of oceanside days and festive, musical nights. With OPPO Reno2, enjoy OPPO Sunburn Goa 2019 like the dream that it will be. While you’re there, and also, later, when you look back at it!