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House Of Kapaali

Greater Noida

Morning Yoga & Organic Brunch? Find It At This Secluded Farm

Rene posted on 7th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

We’re stoked to find a hidden gem in Noida that’s bringing a dose of yoga and kalaripayattu followed by an organic brunch cooked from farm fresh veggies. So, if you still haven’t checked out House of Kapaali, we insist you sign up for this upcoming event on Sunday.

Noida Be Groovin’

Kapaali is a boutique bed and breakfast in Greater Noida that’s been awarded the National Tourism Award {you’re going to be in good, welcoming hands, folks}. And every so often, they open their space to walk-ins in search of wellness for those who don’t have the time {or motivation} to commit to healthy things long-term. 

In that sense, we think it’s perfect for every Noida-based hippie in need of a quick detox or those who have visiting friends craving that homely feeling with a bit of yoga, reflexology and morning chants. 

Change Your Martial Status

Organic, outdoor brunches have forever been our jam but we, like a lot of you, ditched so much of the fun stuff because it’s often a long drive to Delhi and who wants that on a weekend, right? We’re glad that time around, Noida’s stepping up its game with this special kalaripayattu workshop that comes with meditation and a brunch thrown in.

If you’re a morning person and even mildly into fitness, House of Kapaali won’t disappoint. Not only is this weekend’s martial arts being taught by an expert, Gitanjali Kolanad, who’s skilled in this art form but all the food will be prepared by in-house chefs who’ll put together a spread using local produce from the farm.

Want to make it a wholesome trip? They’re open to you picking veggies from the farm to take home. Plus, there’s a small pool and organic colours so you can get into the Holi spirit with the fellow peace lovers {just carry a fresh set of clothes though}.

When: Mar 12

Where: House of Kapaali

Price: INR 1,000 for adults and INR 500 for kids

Timings: 9am – 12pm


More Information

Greater Noida

G-9, Beta Sector 2 Road, Block G, Greater Noida

  • Nearest Metro Station : NOIDA CITY CENTRE

House Of Kapaali

Greater Noida