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    Super Elegant, Hand-Illustrated Wedding Invites By Drishty Vaswani

    Suchita posted on 06 December

    What Makes It Awesome

    Drishty is officially my favourite discovery of 2017. Known predominantly for her kickass design and decor skills {she's behind Ping's, Smokehouse Deli Saket, and a couple of other places in town}, I got in touch with Drishty to actually ask her for recommendations of people who could illustrate for my wedding invites. I am so glad she offered to help; everything from her style and aesthetic, to her efficiency, was a total win and made an otherwise really frustrating experience {planning a wedding, that is} a boatload of fun. I'd sent her a couple of references off of Pinterest. I wanted a design that was the opposite of most wedding invites I get- as awesome as Ganesh Bhagwan is, he wasn't going to make an appearance on my card. I was specific about two colours to be used- indigo and scarlette - and I wanted it to be more floral, elegant while also being informal. The key to working with Drishty is giving her space and creative freedom to execute on your brief. And she kicked it out of the park for us! While I've removed the content on the invites {pictured}, everything from the hand-drawn floral illustrations (all peonies) to the colour choices, to the rose-gold foil highlight as the border, to hooking us up with a GREAT printer, Drishty sorted us out. She's a delight to work with!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Work well in advance- she's working on a bunch of projects at any given point in time, so make sure you give her a heads-up. We started working with her in July for delivery of invites in October- the back and forths were our faults because the copy kept changing. We're also the first people she worked with for a wedding invite. She doesn't do this too often; but if she likes your general invite vibe, you can strike gold.

    Anything Else?

    Have a specific brief, give a bunch of references, know the one-two things that you're fixated on, and trust her to handle the rest.

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