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#SweatInStyle: Here Are Some Cool Fitness Must-Haves To Get You Closer To Your Fitness Goals

    Make fitness great again! (and effortlessly stylish, too). Don’t fret, we’re here to help you. Here are five must-haves that you ought to invest in to get the best out of your workout!

    Fruit Infuser Bottle

    Keep yourself hydrated at all times and make up for the electrolyte losses with this effortlessly chic Fruit Infuser Bottle by Jaypee Plus. Improve your metabolism and detox in style with this beauty! 

    Jaypee Plus Shaker

    You’ve probably heard every fitness expert talk about all kinds of protein shakes to add to your routine. Check out Jaypee Plus Shaker, that comes with a unique wire blending ball which helps in creating froth and blends a smooth protein concoction for your next workout. Spoilt for choice? They have a variety of shakers in different colours - something for every workout style!

    Sweat-Proof Earphones

    Nothing amps up your motivation during grilling fitness sessions like great music. Do yourself a favour and invest in a sweat-proof headphones that works the best when running or training. There are plenty available in the market but this one easily walks away with the cake.

    Compression Sleeves

    Improve your performance yet ace your gym looks with this gorgeous pair of compression sleeves. Shield yourself from those hefty weights in the gym and drop it like it's hot!


    With the summer sun shining bright upon us, this list won’t be complete without a sunblock from Blossom Kochhar. Definitely can’t begin to highlight its importance when it comes to going for an outdoor sport or simply a jog in the park. Go ahead, get the one that suits your skin the best and thank us later!