There are only a few things that provide respite in the scorching Delhi heat, and for us {and many of you, we’re sure}, swimming happens to be one of the best. Now, if you aren’t a club member, it’s difficult to locate places where you can swim at a per day cost, or perhaps a temporary membership that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We’ve got you covered.

Friends Swimming Academy

Located close to most of the places in Delhi {except Dwarka}, Friends Swimming Academy provides a huge, professional-sized swimming pool to  city-dwellers. Just go show-off you swimming moves or attain some new ones with hands-on, on-the-spot coaching available at the pool. It’s closed on Thursdays, however, so we hope that isn’t coincidentally the day you plan to check it out on.

Price: INR 1,000 {per day}; INR 15,000 {a month}

Where: Surya Hotel, New Friends Colony, Sriniwas Puri

Contact: +91 9810390343

Gulmohar Park Club

Their season is on from April to December, and they offer swimming at a cost per day, as well as a month, three month and six month membership. The pool is 30ft by 60ft, and the deepest end is 8ft. Coaching is also offered.

Price: INR 275 per hour; INR 4,500 {1 month}; INR 9,500 {3 months} and INR 13,500 {6 months}. Coaching comes for INR 3,000 a month.

Where: Gulmohar Sport Cum Community Centre, Gulmohar Lane, Gulmohar Park

Contact: 011 26868139

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool Complex, Talkatora

One of the oldest spots to swim in town, with an Olympic-sized pool at that, they let you swim after you pass a basic test. Their rates differ according to age, and you’ll have to request coaching, but they only train people who already know the basics of swimming. Trials happen on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Price: INR 1,500 {for ages 16 and below}; INR 2,500 {for ages 16 and above}

Where: Central Ridge Forest Area, Talkatora Road, Near Talkatora Garden, Behind Rashtrapati Bhavan

Contact: 011 23094832

Netaji Subhash Sports Complex

This opens on April 10, and you have to acquire a temporary membership for three months to avail of their swimming pool, as well as other facilities. The cost isn’t too exorbitant, and they offer coaches as well, in case you’re looking to learn.

Price: INR 105 {membership form}; INR 1,710 {for 3 months, single membership}

Where: Jasola Vihar

Contact: 011 26971301

Hotel Radisson, Paschim Vihar

They allow outsiders {non-guests} to swim at a fee. There are a variety of time periods your can opt for {per day, 2 months, 3 months and an annual deal}, and depending on which you pick, they offer deals on the use of their spa and wet area.

Price: INR 1,500 {per day}; INR 15,000 with coach, INR 10,000 without coach {for one month}; INR 20,000 {for 2 months}; INR 30,000 {for 3 months, which includes 5 complimentary body massages}; INR 50,000 {annual membership, with complimentary use of their sauna}

Where: Plot No. D, District Centre, Outer Ring Road, Paschim Vihar

Contact: 011 46399999

Siri Fort Sports Complex

This one is the most popular on the list, also making it the toughest to get access to. You can swim here, but only after you apply for a temporary three month membership, and pay an additional cost each month. The forms come out on the last Monday of every month, and the demand is huge, so you’ll have to hop to it. That aside, their facilities are excellent, ergo the popularity.

Price: INR 2,270 {for a 3-month membership}; INR 850 {per month, after membership}

Where: Siri Fort Sports Complex, August Kranti Marg

Contact: 011 26497482, 011 26496657

Chilla Sports Complex

Open Tuesday through Sunday, you can head to Chilla for a dip between 6am – 10am, and 3pm – 9pm. While Chilla is open to all, you can opt for a temporary membership for the summer. If you choose to go in the morning, you can catch a spectacular view of the sunrise. The pool’s open till end September. Coaching classes are available at an extra INR 800 per month.

Price: INR 150 {per hour for members}, INR 50 {for members}

Where: Dallu Pura {Near Vasundhara Enclave}

Contact: 011 22623184

Pacific Sports Complex

Just a few steps away from LSR College lies Pacific Sports Complex, with a large eight-lane pool. Although it may intimidate you with its Olympian look, they also cater to beginners, and offer coaching classes at an extra INR 1500 per month.

Price: INR 400 {per hour}, INR 2,500 {per month}

Where: Next to Central School {Kendriya Vidyalaya}, Andrews Ganj

Contact: +91 9211784444

Neeti Bagh Club

This small neighbourhood club usually attracts the residents only, but come April, and we see people driving in from all parts of the city, courtesy the swimming pool. The pool is fairly small, with the deepest end being just 6 feet, but it’s clean and hygienic. Coaching classes are run by David Swimming Academy for both children and adults.

Price: INR 300 {per hour}; INR 7,500 with coach, INR 6,500 without coach {per month}

Price {with coaching classes}: INR 7,500 {per month}, INR 17,000 {till September}

Where: C-78 Neeti Bagh

Contact: 011 26858313-16

Khazan Singh Swimming Academy

This academy boasts of a large pool and pays homage to sports hero Khazan Singh. A training ground for both beginners and seasoned swimmers, the pool is clean, equipped with efficient staff, and lives up to international standards. They have coaching for any and all newbies.

Price: INR 2,000 {for the first month; inclusive of admission}; INR 1,500 {every subsequent month}. Coaching comes at INR 2,600 {for the first month}, INR 1,500 {every consequent month}

Where: 18, Baba Gang Nath Marg, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg

Contact: 011 32933828

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram

While the school is shut during summer holidays {and any other extended period of holidays}, their pool is open for public use. They have hygienic facilities and make sure everything is kept in tip-top shape. It’s one of the oldest swimming spots in the city. If you can gather a group of 10 or more, they’ll provide coaching, but you won’t find any one-on-one lessons here.

Where: Kaifi Azmi Marg, Sector 12, Rama Krishna Puram

Price: INR 1,200 {per month; inclusive of coaching}

Contact: 011 49115521

HUDA Gymkhana Club

As per one of our reader’s suggestion, the HUDA Gymkhana Club is a stellar option as it is very clean and well-maintained. The pool is half the the size of an Olympic pool and monthly membership starts at a mere INR 2,000 {plus taxes}. They have a splash pool too, for the little ones.

Where: Neki Ram Marg, Urban Estate, Sector 4, Gurgaon

Price: INR 2,000 per month; INR 800 for group coaching; INR 5,000 for personal coaching

Contact: +91 9643071421

Note: Watch this space, we’ll keep updating this through the summer.