Ditch Chemicals & Switch To Eco-Friendly Toiletries From SoapWorks

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Soapworks - Handmade & Natural

What Makes It Awesome

I’ve started making a conscious effort to cut plastic from my life. A huge realisation was that almost all our toiletries come in plastic bottles, especially shampoos and liquid soaps. And then, I found that soapworksindia.com has a range of handmade, SLS/Parabens-free, natural soaps and shampoo bars {they also have vegan make-up items}, which means it’s good for you in more ways than one! I tried their Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar, which smells lovely and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean. What’s more? I also realised that I used far less water than I usually do while shampooing my hair with this particular shampoo. They also sent me a complimentary vegan lip colour, which was really smooth and nice.

What Could Be Better?

The delivery took a bit long and the bars still came wrapped in plastic. They should consider a paper wrapping soon.