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These Lamps Made From Waste Materials Create Trippy Patterns On The Wall

Rene posted on 8th May

Ten-Second Takeaway

Sylvn Studio is a home decor studio that specialises in handcrafted lamps, mirrors and metal artifacts that are all made from different discarded materials. They have an overwhelming variety of lamps and we’re loving the ones that make crazy, glowy patterns on white walls.

Say Yes To Wall Art

At the heart of this venture is their love for the environment. This is why the team attempts at keeping their carbon footprint to a bare minimum. The studio uses recycled paper and wood and hand-paints everything to make products that marry functionality and good looks. So we gotta confess: We were already crushing on what we saw but Sylvn’s design philosophy sealed the love affair.

This brick lamp, for instance, looks like just the thing we’d want around when we work on a late night office assignment. Or if that one is too serious for your sensibilities, we suggest this for Netflix and chill or stay-up and gossip for when the gang comes over.

Like a bit of colour and cute? Check out this teal octopus. Or, this stunner that doubles up as a mood lifter when combined with a mug of warm lavender tea.

So, We're Saying...

The shipping is free so we don’t see a reason to put off this impulse purchase that we’re sure you’ll love.

Oh, and if you aren’t a lamp person, feel free to browse through their quirky collection of metal artifacts that you can stick up in tiny nooks or small balconies to stir things up a bit.

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Sylvn Studio

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