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Where Paintings Speak Louder Than Words: Check out this Artsy Display by Trishna Singh!

What's Happening

In a world where words are often not enough to express our soul-felt emotions, art is the oft-taken to medium to do so. Born in the capital city, Trishna’s works uphold both sensitive & powerful renderings, woven into the monochrome palette that adorn her oil paintings. From portraying the remarkable menagerie of wildlife to the encroaching man-made world of machines, the artworks reveal the contradiction laden intersection of the two. Her works are embedded with sea horses & cat skulls shaped among spaceships & watch parts, that subliminally question the mechanical world created by humans.

The workshop is a must-visit for all art enthusiasts out there, and for all those not-so-artsy types, we bet you should check this out too! The works are a definite thought-provoking piece that’s sure to leave you dazed & yes inspired!

How's The Venue

The exhibit will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Siri Fort & we say take the metro & get down at Green Park Metro Station on Yellow Line. The Academy is about a kilometer away from the station, so take an auto & reach in less than 7 minutes max!


In case you’re planning on attending, do remember to check out her massive and heart wrenching work inspired by the cruel death of Avni the tigress, & don’t forget to click a picture or two while at it.

We say tag a friend or two along & block the dates as the works are sure to leave you mesmerized!

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