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Adventure & Outdoors
Adventure & Outdoors
15 Dec
location Fio Country Kitchen & Bar

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Christmas Carnival, The Garden Of Five Senses

What's Happening

Fio Country Kitchen & Bar is hosting a Christmas Carnival that's a great place to spend the weekend getting in spirit for the holidays. It's going to be a good fit for kids, too! 

They mean it when they call it a 'carnival', for there will be art stations, magic shows, games, golf mats, puppet shows, face painting (Santa disguise activated?), and they're even offering 20% off on all food and beverages for the duration of the event.

Price Includes

The event entry and all activities are free of charge.

Make A Note

The event starts at 11am and goes on till 5pm, so we suggest you reach on time–especially if you're driving, since the parking usually gets full quite quickly.

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