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Your intentions to cook could be grate, but you have to hone the skillet to be able to produce a worthy meal. Enter LBB’s list of cooking classes in Delhi NCR to help master your skills in the kitchen.

Quiches and tarts, Lebanese platters and steaming sizzler,; Swati Khanna tends to be very busy cooking indeed. Cuisines and specialties are neatly slotted into a schedule, so you can swing from Italy to Mexico, to Indian street food, in the course of a week.

Price: On request; depends on what you’re looking to learn.

Taking her Indian roots very seriously, Jyoti Aggarwal offers multiple types of classes to choose from, where she also tells you about Indian eating ethics, table manners, food customs, and cultures. Best of all, she takes you to local spice and vegetable markets. She also holds baking and chocolate-making classes.

Price: On request

Chef Manju Monga has been teaching for 13 years, and offers different courses, covering everything conceivable from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese and Mexican to Italian, South Indian and Rajasthani food. She even offers a special drinks class, where you can learn how to make mocktails.

Price: Between INR 2,000 to INR 5,000 (prices vary according to menu)

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