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We're Loving Pure Dust's Face Cleansers For Their Home Remedy Vibe

What Makes It Awesome?

Looking for herbal alternatives to add to your beauty regime? Pure Dust offers just that. They retail facial cleansers in powder forms. Remember when our naanis and daadis  told us to try washing our faces with besan?  They were onto something. Herbal cleansers like besan do not contain the preservatives that go into manufacturing liquid face washes. Hence, less chemicals that can react to your skin in anyway, or create unhealthy dependence for your skin to remain healthy. 

Pure Dust India retails their face cleansers in neatly-packaged sachets that can be carried with ease, especially while travelling. The face cleansers contain ingredients like rose extracts (to help keep your skin naturally hydrated), orange peel powder, multani mitti, Winter Cherry, and soap berries. Other than this, the fact that it's a powdered cleanser simultaneously helps with gentle exfoliation of the skin. Also, Pure Dust India aims to be a sustainable beauty brand by having no water at all in it's formula, thereby encouraging the mindful usage of water.

What Could Be Better

I wish they had more information about the herbs used in their cleansers.

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