A Literary Festival In The Mountains {With Ghost Stories At Night}

Yes Bank Kumaon Literary Festival is a unique “travelling festival” that

Gender Mela: Masculinities, the Environment and Street Food

A festival of dialogue and music, and a platform to raise your voice. 

Delhi Gymkhana’s First Literature and Ideas Festival is Here!

Taslima Nasrin, Nandita Das, Naseeruddin Shah, and more.
board games..

Test the Power of Your Love with Board Gamers of Delhi 

Love is in the air, and in your next move!

5 Great Talks for Children’s Literature at Jaipur Lit Fest 2016

Looking for talks to attend with the kids, for the kids? We recommend these. 

5 Amazing Authors Tell Us About the Crime Writer’s Festival

If you need more reasons, Jerry Pinto, Zac O'Yeah and others give you some.

DU Girls Reveal Their First Experiences of Sexual Harassment and it’s Heartbreaking

Sexual harassment is an punishable offence and punish it we will. 

Literature Carnival: Where Creative Writing and Storytelling Come Alive

Looking to hone your creative writing skills? This is where you should be.