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Get #FitAndFull With Healthy Meal & Training Packages Curated For You!

Struggling to achieve your #FitnessGoals because can’t stop dreaming about food? It’s time you snap out of it because we’ve found folks who are willing to help you by curating a meal plan as well as a fitness regime especially for you! and transforming lives through healthy eating by providing all foodie solutions under one roof.

Foodie Fitness

After transforming over 1700+ lives with its online fitness plans, ParaFit is now delivering transformations right at your doorsteps. Feeling too lazy cook? Craving midday munchies? Gotta turn into a healthy foodie? ParaFit’s your saviour. They will deliver piping hot, utterly delicious, healthy food (the kind that doesn’t seem healthy but really is) right at your doorsteps!

Your diet will be designed out of 70+ yummy dishes on the menu. Burgers, sandwiches, pasta, grilled chicken breast, grilled fish, butter chicken, dal, paneer, tikka’s, tofu, hummus pita – name it and they’ve got it. Never thought you could lose weight with all this yumminess, did ya? Wave goodbye to your cooking ordeals and simply go the easy way. Just choose your diet and meal subscription package from today with rates starting at INR 899.

So, We Are Saying…

Their recipes have been created perfectly to meet all major macro and micro requirements for each individual after months of research. If food is the only thing standing in your way of getting fit, then you must log on to and because these folks will bring that much-needed change in your life. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated!

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