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Fitness Events
Fitness Events
location Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

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The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Is Here! Have You Registered Yet?

What's Happening

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) is one of India's most renowned races, perfect for both running enthusiasts and first-time runners. This year, the marathon is happening on October 21 and the registrations for the same have already begun. 

The race categories people can participate in are - The Half Marathon (21.097km), Open Run 10km, Great Delhi Run (6km),  Senior Citizens' Run (4km) and  Champions With Disability (2.3km). To participate in the first two categories, you must've completed a long-distance running event in the 24 months preceding ADHM 2018, and you'd also have to submit the timing certificate of the same.

For more information on eligibility for each race, check out the confirmation criteria on Airtel Delhi Half Marathon's website. 

Price Includes

The registration fees for each race category is: INR 1900 (Half Marathon), INR 1400 (Open 10km), INR 650 (Great Delhi Run), INR 300 (Senior Citizens' Run) and INR 300 (Champions With Disability). This amount doesn't include the cost of race day tees, goodies or discounts (you will have to pay separately for the same). 

Make A Note

The last dates for registration (or as soon as running places are over; whichever is earlier) in each race category are as follows:

Half Marathon - Sept 7, 7pm 

Open 10km - Sept 7, 7pm 

Great Delhi Run - Sept. 28, 7pm

Senior Citizens' Run - Sept 28, 7pm

Champions With Disability  - Sept 28, 7pm

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