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Aerial Yoga, Core Strengthening & More: Work Out With Us For Free This World Health Day!

What's Happening

Saffola Fittify presents LBB’s Fit & Lit with Delhi Rock on World Health Day (April 7), and you are all invited to join us for workout sessions and healthy snacks. That’s right! We’ve got not one, not two, but a quite a few super amazing workouts planned for you all. Plus we’ve got delicious food from Saffola Fittify, the very same folks who believe in creating food from healthy-gourmet products with plant-based superfood for a slimmer and fitter life. And you know it’s gonna be yummy and good for all you fitness fanatics because they’ve got nutritionists like celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur who very well know what they are doing.

That’s not all - we’ve got certified trainers conducting Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Krav Maga, Zumba, Hurdle challenges and more! Yup, it’s going to be an intense one). Join us for an equipment-less workout with Simran Khosla - a hardcore fitness buff who is also a nutritionist. Feel free to shoot any diet-based questions her way because she’s pretty easy to talk to. The uber-talented instructors at Delhi Rocks will be hosting a variety of sessions from Yoga to Parkour to Krav Maga and of course Rock Climbing. We promise you that all of these will be insanely fun as well as super intense, so don’t take them lightly. Join us for a killer Zumba workshop with the skillful dancer Pooja Bansal. Each of the sessions will last for an hour, and it’s totally up to you which one you’d like to sign up for. What’s our objective? To get you to stay fit, active and fall in love with fitness, albeit in a fun manner. All you have to do is register with us, get along a friend or two if you like, dress up in your comfy fitness gear and show up! 

These super fun workshops will be followed by delicious treats from Saffola Fittify. What is it, you ask? They've got a variety of some of their best, healthy products a Hi-protein meal soup, Hi-protein slim meal-shake, healthy green coffee (never heard of that one, amirite?) and Superfood Moringa green tea. Sounds like something you want? Wait till you taste it all and want some more. 

How's The Venue

Since the venue has been created for rock climbing, they’ve built a magnificent arch for bouldering, lead climbing and aerial dance. It’s filled with shafts, pillars and walls which are designed specially for rope climbing. There's even a parking ramp where you can relax, observe or socialize with fellow enthusiasts. There’s a mini gym-type corner with wooden flooring that has been built for floor exercises and yoga along with punching bags, ropes and hoops in the back. In short, they’ve created dedicated mini areas all over so that they host different sessions at the same time.

So come right in and join us for exciting workout sessions that will be conducted simultaneously, and get a chance to interact with insanely talented, certified trainers. Hit the register now button to RSVP and simply walk in because it’s free for all!

Make A Note

Carry a hand towel and a bottle of water, because trust us, you’re going to need both. 

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