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Live In Faridabad & Have A Pet? This Store Has Everything You Need!

What Makes It Awesome

If you live in Faridabad and have a pet (specially a dog), Pet Luxury could very well be the only stop you need to make to take care of and pamper your pupper. You'll walk into a colorful store filled with jackets, sweaters, vests and everything warm and fuzzy—your pet will need to get through the winter. You'll find everything from solid colours to rainbow patterns in clothing, leashes, toys, and even big and small hut-shaped houses for the little ones. All of this start at INR 300, and goes up to INR 3,000. Yep, they've even got chew toys, food, and other grooming essentials. Speaking of which, they've got a grooming centre built in where they offer services like trimming, baths, medicated baths, ear and nail cleaning—they've got different packages for these depending on your dog's breed and size. These services start at INR 1,100.

What Could Be Better

If they only had a vet, there wouldn't be a need to go anywhere else, but hey, we're not complaining—everything else looks top notch here.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1,000

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