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Go Camera Crazy At Delhi's Kucha Choudhary Market

Opened in 1975, or ’76 depending on which shop owner you ask, Kucha Choudhary Market in Chandni Chowk is a photographer’s dream. It's one of the best camera markets in Delhi.

You can get every type of camera and essential accessory you could ever imagine (and that’s not hyperbole) around every corner. Here are our favourite spots for buying cameras and accessories.

Located right on the Chandni Chowk main road is Madan Jee and Co. The famous store, first opened in Peshawar before moving to Delhi in 1955, is one of the largest and most extensive photography stores in the area. Perfect for all your DSLR needs, they sell the latest Nikon and Canon cameras, and do all the necessary repair work in-house. 

Madan Jee had every modern camera accessory you would ever require, (and some you wouldn’t!), even rolls upon rolls of Kodak film, which we were sure had been discontinued. If they don’t have what you need, you can be sure they know where to source it.

Pritam’s (an offshoot of the famous Pritam’s Studio on the vintage camera road) is merely a dusty cabin with a series of ancient looking devices strewn across the table. The repairman here, one of the nicest, has been working on cameras since before they were even wires in them.

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