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5 Shops In Nehru Place For All Your PC Needs

Be it new PC builds or the latest graphic card, when you think of computer hardware, you think of Nehru Place. While the market is huge and offers a variety of products (original and otherwise), we narrowed down the five shops you can depend on when it comes to the best products at just the right price.

One of the top three choices amongst computer geeks, this place is dependable, good for striking an awesome deal and pretty much has every product the computer world has to offer.

If in case they don’t have what you’re looking for, give them a few days, and they’ll source it for you!

A personal favourite (it is my go-to), SMC employees tend to know most of their regular customers by name, and surprisingly, also remember if you got a PC build done by them.

They stock the best and latest products, and are always up for quick and easy exchanges in case of any issue (from their end).

A shop that is perfect for people who want to buy in bulk, this is one of the cheapest options. The products do not differ in quality and if you know exactly what you want, they shall be glad to help you score it.

The staff being completely hassled and clueless at times is surely a down point, but then they do make up for it with their deals.

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