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Shoot What You Can't With #GalaxyA9: The World's First Quad Camera Smartphone

As the year draws to a close, Samsung is here to excite us all with the launch of Galaxy A9’s #Worlds1stQuadCam. This game-changing technology has the Instagram-generation crushing on the smartphone. The pre-launch teasers had us impatiently waiting to get a hold of this one. We finally got a chance to attend the launch party at Delhi’s Leela Kempinski and experience the device first-hand. Read on for the deets…

If you’re wondering “Quad Camera, say whaaat?”, we’ll break it down for you. The highlight of Galaxy A9 has to be its game-changing lens packed with ultrawide, telephoto, depth camera AND a 24MP main camera! Take a picture of landscapes, monuments that don't fit into a normal field of view, group photos or detailed panorama shots with the ultra-wide lens which offers a 120° field of view. Switch to the telephoto lens and capture minute details with 2X zoom while snapping wildlife, concerts, sports, weddings, food, and automobile. And for when you’re taking portraits and want to focus on the subject, use the live focus for beautiful bokeh shots (these can do wonders even if you’re out at a dimly lit bar or under the gleam of street lights). So, get ready to bring your picture to life unlike never before.

Bubblegum pink, lemonade blue or caviar black—pick from these dual-toned funky colours to suit your style. Ditch the dull and boring monochromes already! Add to it a clean and smooth finish and a sleek, ergonomic design with almost no bezel and you would not want to let go of this all-time favourite companion.

While others have only been talking about a hell-bending sturdy battery, Galaxy A9 actually comes packed with a 3,800mAh battery. Here’s what that means—stream videos, chat all you want and play PUBG or whatever else you prefer through the day. Don’t bother keeping an eye out for the nearest charging point. And if the day just seems to get longer, plug in the Type-C cable for a super fast charge.

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