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Diet Starts Tomorrow? Here Are 5 Places That Do Healthy ( But Tasty) Food

Here are a few of our favourite snack/dessert options for when you need a quick pick-me-up, post workout snack or just something delicious (but still healthy) to nosh on.

Greenr Cafe in Gurgaon does only vegetarian food (that's a win for all our vegan- friends). We say, give their earth bowls and sweet potato fries a try. 

The cafe gets a ton of natural light in the daytime, and is decorated beautifully with terrariums. The gluten-free macro-bowls make for well-balanced, filling meals, and leave no room for guilt. The menu has bulletproof coffee in its beverage section, which is worth a try.

Cake for breakfast? Yes, please. Make that two. V's Bakeshop makes their cookies with whey, if you want extra protein. Almost everything on their menu is vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, and contains no added sugar. The raw cacao banana loaf is highly recommended, and is one of the healthiest things on the menu.

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