Paper Beaded Pens

PaperCircus: For Eco-friendly Paper Wallets, Journals and Scarves

Match your stationery to your scarves now!

The Saree Wishlist: Jamdani, Dhakai, Muga and More

Saree, not saree. We're wrapping up here.

The Clay Company: Studio Pottery Residency For Workaholics

Take a class here or travel to Rishikesh. Choose wisely.

The Pot Plant for Sustainable, Breathable Summer Wear

Shift dresses, billowy skirts and pastel shades. We're welcoming summer.
raff-19 copy

Raff: Hand-cut and Hand-stitched Leather Handbags That Impress

Women, be prepared to be wowed. These pieces are stunning.

Totes Lovely: Messenger Bags and Totes by Grain

We like big bags and we cannot lie!

For the Potheads: Muddy Waters’ Customisable High-Fired Pottery

Looking for high fired, almost stone-like gorgeous planters? This is where it's

Objectry: Geometrical Objects to Organise your Homes

Squares, circles, and geometry galore.

Avani Kumaon: Clothing and Colours from the Hills

Solar panels and natural dye crayons? Start something good with Avani.

Dastkari Crafts Bazaar for Handicrafts from Myanmar and More

Live artistes, regional fare and Burmese velvet slippers? Count us in.