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Ever Tried Bhang Popsicles? This Boozy Pack Of 6 Will Help You Have A Happy, High Holi This Year

Do you know what’s even better than popsicles? Boozy popsicles, and Take Home Chef’s pack of six bhang popsicles are exactly what can make your Holi all the more exciting.

These popsicles taste exactly like thandai and the high sets in slowly. The LBB Special pack of six is a decent enough quantity to both help you enjoy a happy and high Holi, but also never gets overwhelming. One tricky thing with bhang can be that you need to get it from a reliable source and with Take Home Chef – a company that’s enhancing the Indian cooking experience with its recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients, there’s not a thing you need to worry about.

Plus, now that summer has set in, is there really a better way to enjoy bhang than in the form of popsicles? Holi’s all about partying and having a blast, so let Take Home Chef’s bhang popsicles make it even better.

Price: INR 400 for a pack of six bhang popsicles. Buy here.

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