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Everybody's Favourite MINISO Just Popped Up At A New Location In West Delhi

MINISO, which is seemingly everybody's favourite place to go crazy shopping at, just opened up in the Karol Bagh main market and we imagine the lines are starting to form as we speak – As if Karol Bagh didn't have enough going on already. The new store is next to the Pantaloons store (super-close to the McDonald's on the corner that everybody knows).

So if you're somebody who's planning to head over to the market for your usual shopping spree, don't forget to take a look around inside the new MINISO – although we doubt it'll only be a little look, it's practically impossible to walk out of there empty-handed.

Get ready to be bombarded by cute and functional stuff across categories like stationery, home utility, beauty and fashion accessories and so much more; all of which starts at about INR 150.

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