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Don't Pay Cover Charge: Here Are 5 Night Clubs In Delhi Where You Get Free Entry

In the mood to party into the wee hours, but not really looking forward to emptying your wallet at the entry? We’ve got you covered with a round up of nightclubs in Delhi with free entry. Please note – conditions apply.

Disclaimer –  Most clubs we called have rules on entry, because crowd controlling is a delicate task, and nobody wants rowdy drunk peeps ruining your night.

This club has a beautiful outdoor section, an elegant decor and a well-stocked bar {Whiskey drinkers will love it here}. Stags, head here for a night of uninhibited fun. {except Fridays and Saturdays, which are free entry for couples only}.

This club is well- known among the party freaks of Delhi. Hop in here for ample of dancing space {which may feel small if the place is packed}, comfy seating and plenty of liquor. All stags are allowed, provided they are accompanying a couple, or a group of them.

This luxurious and exclusive club is full of artsy decor and elite crowd. Entry is free and restricted for members only. Don’t worry – you can apply for membership on their website. There is also another way –  tag along with an already existing member, if you know one that is. This one is open from Wednesday to Sunday only.

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