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Keventers Just Launched Four New Sundaes And We’re Drooling!

Keventers: the name itself evokes sweet memories! We’ve enjoyed their shakes for years, and they treated us to 4 sundae flavours we loved last year. As if we didn’t already love them a lot, this summer, they introduced the most indulgent ice creams ever. Taking it all up further a notch, Keventers just launched 4 all-new sundaes, and we loved them! They’ve got an utterly delectable flavour for every mood, so obviously, there’s no picking favourites. Read on to check out what they are! 

‘Tis the season, and we’re ready to gorge on all those special Christmas delicacies we’ve grown up having. This winter, taste the Christmas favourite that plum cake is in a whole new and different avatar - as an ice-cream sundae! The new Passionate PlumYum Pudding Sundae by Keventers is made of rich chocolate ice-cream loaded with brownies and raisin cookie crumbs, and topped with a distinct, special plum-sauce that will give you all the holiday happiness. 

Those of us who like caramel, know there’s no match for it! The Caramel Obsession Sundae by Keventers comes with loads of rich vanilla ice-cream, a perfectly baked salted caramel cookie and brownie crumbs, and needless to say, dollops of caramel sauce. We’re already drooling. Caramel junkies unite. Go and get this sundae now! 

No dessert craving can be complete without chocolate. So, the next new sundae by Keventers  is one you can opt for with your eyes closed - the After Dark Fantasy sundae. Just like the name, the sundae also tastes like a dark and dreamy night. It’s made of chocolate ice cream, packed with dark cookie chunks with the fresh notes of mint, and covered with the most decadent chocolate sauce. Forget about a sleeping beauty or a prince charming. It’s this After Dark Fantasy that sounds like an absolute fairytale to us!

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