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Never Attended A Music Festival? There Are 6 Happening In India This Year!

2019 is here and there’s plenty to look forward to – these six music festivals are definitely some of it! With all the music prowess of international artists, lasers and the beautiful destinations, your only agenda will be to dance, party, meet new people, and well… go crazy.

If you’re game for misty mountains, soulful music, and local beer, Ziro Music Festival should be on your list. Situated 5,500 feet above sea level, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh hosts this festival for Indie music producers to showcase their talents and believe us, your ears are in for a melodic treat. Electronic, rock, and folk-jazz music is ready to captivate you. Time to pack your bags!

When: Usually happens at the end of September. 

Back with its fifth edition, Magnetic Fields is a three-day music fest which takes place at the Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan. You get to attend secret parties, fly kites at dawn, go on a treasure hunt, and dance on the palace rooftops as international music artists showcase their best.

When: Happens right in the middle of December.

The biggest names in the international music scene come down and drop their killer beats in Goa which hosts this epic music fest. Sunburn Festival has been a favourite of many since its inception with people flowing to the non-stop party in herds. This festival boasts the largest music stage in Asia.

When: Happens towards the end of December. 

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