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Smoked Pork Or Eromba: These 5 Restaurants In Safdarjung Offer Stellar North Eastern Food

The momo and Thukpa that you find across Delhi can hardly qualify as north eastern food. For the times when you’re craving the {actual} meaty and spicy north eastern delicacies, landing up in Safdarjung Enclave will do you more good than you’d think.

This part of the city has numerous restaurants that offer authentic food you’d find in the sister states and we’ve shortlisted five stellar ones, so all you need to do now is just hatch a plan with your fellow NE food-loving friend{s}.

A not-so-massive Naga restaurant with bamboo mat-lined walls, Hornbill has soon become a crowd favourite for its authentic food made with the best ingredients sourced from Nagaland. Their menu does justice to pork and that too, in so many different ways, so if you’re in the mood to pig out {pun intended}, Hornbill is just the place. We recommend that you order their Pork Thali, Smoked Frizzled Pork, a few rice beers and you’ll leave a happy soul.

Categorical Eat Pham has very recently undergone a makeover. What once used to be cubby Manipuri eatery has now turned into a bright, green space that does simple homely dishes and also hosts buffet lunches on weekends. We’ve tried their soupy Pakora Thongba which is comfort food 101. While the thalis here would have to be another obvious choice, make sure that you also try the Black Rice Kheer that has a nice camphor aftertaste. Really, who knew camphor could do wonders when added to desserts?

Agape Cafe & Lounge is located on the first floor and while the board outside might not look as promising, climb those stairs and we promise, you won’t regret it. It’s a bright yellow space that does both north eastern and chinese food, and also hosts movie screenings and games! While you’re there, order the Pork with Bamboo Shoot and rice, Pork with Axone Chutney’s great too and of course, wash it all down with some rice beers.

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