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This Mother Daughter Duo Creates Elegant Apparel For All

What Is It?

Are you a lover of fashion and everything classy? And are you keen on filling your wardrobe with timeless clothing? If the answer to the above questions is a resounding yes, let us introduce you to this Mother-Daughter duo, your one-stop destination for ethical and elegant clothing.

What Makes Them Awesome?

Anupma’s passion and Devika’s vision led to the brand 'Anupma & Devika' - sharing the united thought of creating fashion that gives their clients a chance to celebrate their personality. With the number of events lined up, their new festive collection ‘Sirvat’ surely deserves your attention. Immerse yourself in an extravagance of beautiful chanderis, in rich hues, enhanced with intricate embroideries, crafted with love!

They also have a pret vertical – Koyi Taro – a fairly new segment, which is about contemporary silhouettes and curious details – both making fashion beyond vanity. They’ve also come up with an organic collection which is a combination of lush embroidery details with fabrics made out of soy, bamboo and corn, dyed in Azo Free dyes – making the collection unique in its being. The clothes are presented as part of a complete ensemble – each piece complementing the other along with holding an individual identity. The clothes are suitable for all age groups – spanning across a large bracket of audience. The brand is a perfect balance of traditional crafts and modern sophistication.

So, We're Saying...

It’s time to celebrate fashion and art – that’s elegant and timeless. Follow them on Instagram - @anupmadevikaofficial and @anupmadevikakoyitaro to stay updated about all the pop-ups and exhibitions they are arranging.  Book an appointment between 10am to 5pm on +917291832349.
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