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Shop Two-Tone Leather Collars, Leashes, Ceramic Bowls & Doggie Blankets Here

What Makes It Awesome?

I found this brand at one of the 10 Christmas bazaars that take place in Delhi, and I loved their products. Though their products are slightly expensive, they're (being dog collars, leashes etc.) one-time purchases that will hopefully last a while. The quality of both the leather and the hardware is excellent. I bought two-tone collars for my dogs (pictured); there's a bunch of other colours and combinations available for dogs of all sizes. They've also got a bunch of other cutesy products including dog bow ties, baskets, blankets, flat-beds, bowls etc. Also, a percentage of their sale goes to a foundation that helps street dogs.

What Could Be Better?

A little expensive, but the quality of their products is so good that hopefully, you won't have to buy one again which makes it worth the spend.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3000

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