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A Luxury Ayurveda Resort & Retreat Offering A Wellness Regime In Trivandrum

What Makes It Awesome?

Mekosha is a beautiful Ayurveda wellness retreat is located in Trivandrum and is an hour's drive from the airport. It is located in the interiors away from the humdrum of city life. Spread in acres, there is a river that quietly passes by. It is an ideal wellness retreat if you are looking at detox, relaxation, weight loss or want to address a specific ailment. The meals served are simple, fixed portions as this is an Ayurveda wellness retreat. The treatments are great and very helpful. Each suite in this boutique property has a treatment room. While oil based treatments are given in the spa area, others are done in the comfort of your in-suite treatment room making it a convenient luxe experience. Besides getting treatments done and taking long walks in its green areas, I spent time reading as they have great in-room library and also a public one. There is community table and on most meals I spent time talking to guests that had come from all corners of the world! There is an in-house doctor and the General Manager Elizabeth is very friendly. She will guide you through your wellness holiday. They offer various treatment packages including Panchkarma and weight loss. The website offers all the information and I would recommend everyone to visit the website before booking and read about various packages. I spent four days at the retreat but one is advised to spend at least 7 days or more.

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