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Passionate About Running? Then You Must Sign Up Here To Win A Chance To Train With Ultramarathoner Kieren D'Souza

What Makes It Awesome

Want to ace your running game? Then you'll want to sign up here - { } to win a chance to train with Kieren D'Souza. Kieren D’Souza is an Indian ultramarathon runner and endurance athlete. In 2016, he became the first and, as of October 2016, the only Indian to qualify for and finish the Spartathlon, a 246km footrace from Athens to Sparta held annually in Greece. Kieren, then aged 23, completed the race in 33 hours, 2 minutes and 25 seconds, standing 85th among 370 participants. Till 2016, only 29 athletes under the age of 25 had completed the race that has been held annually since 1983.

What's My Pro Tip? - an adventure sports channel that curates stories from the outdoor extreme and adventure sports is running an event where you can get a chance to learn more about training and nutrition by Ultrarunner Kieren D'Souza. Also, remember that the contest is closing soon!

Anything Else?

Watch some real juice here - { }. Get inspired by visiting his Facebook page here - { }. Plus, follow the ultrarunner on his Instagram page here - { }.

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