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This Chawri Bazaar Card Wala Is Just The Guy For Fab Wedding Invitations

What Makes It Awesome

I had been scouring Chawri Bazaar for almost four hours to find the perfect card for my brother’s wedding. Translation: something that was unique (the entire market was filled with pretty much the same kind of stuff), good quality, non-blingy and wouldn’t cost me a kidney. Having nearly given up, I spotted a tiny, inconspicuous lane (it’s right in front of Pink Ladoo which you can find via Google maps) and came across the last tiny shop there—jackpot. Sahib’s card store (at the end of that lane) may be tiny, but his collection was everything I was looking for. From two and three leaf cards to boxed ones, he had everything. PS. It’s a tad difficult to get good pictures as he doesn’t allow it, given that his collection is limited and keeps rotating.

What Could Be Better

The location...but hopefully, after reading this it might be easier for you to find him.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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