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College-Goers, Brides Or Fashionistas: We've Found 6 Kohlapuris For Every Kind Of Girl

You could be a college-going girl, a bride, or an experimental fashionista; No matter what your type is, we've found JUST the right pair of kohlapuris for you. Read on!

These are perfect for the women who are always on the move. They’re minimal, do not get dirty quickly, and they’re well-cushioned (your soles won’t ache at the end of a tiring day). 

Price:  INR 2,000

For the kitsch-loving, experimental dames who keep hoarding OTB fashion on a regular basis, this hand-painted pair is a perfect match. 

Price: INR 679

This pair is a beauty, and a versatile one at that - definitely the type for a college girl. Whether you’re dressed up in ethnic, or in contemporary wear, these kohlapuris will go with both. 

Price: INR 1,870

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