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Footy Fans, This Sports Arena Has A Turf Ground & Flood Lights For 5-On-5 Matches

What Makes It Awesome?

Be it the Champions League or the Premier League, there's one thing that can be agreed upon— watching football is nowhere near as fun as actually playing it. The thing is, more often than not, finding a place to play can be a major hindrance to the game–bumpy grounds, puddles in monsoon, or even the occasional society peeps asking you to stay away from the park.  If this has happened (or happens) a bit too often to you and your footy buddies, we say head over to Spada, a state of the art sports arena where you can get your game on—no screaming uncles or slippery surfaces included. They've got a 5-on-5 turf football arena, which is netted on all sides and has flood lights for night games.  The price for a one-hour game is INR 2,400 (for 10 people) and that'll include footballs, coloured bibs, water, changing rooms, and pumps—just bring your boots and your passion for the game, and you're good to go.  This deal is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, throughout September from 7 pm to 11 pm (a slot is for an hour), so we say you go and score some goals.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000—INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group

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