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Love Watching Plays? Don't Miss Death And The Maiden

What's Happening

This play was in fact written over 35 years ago, but the writing is still so relevant and being staged in contemporary times - it even appeals to modern audiences. It has a universal appeal and tells an incredibly powerful tale of inner trappings and insecurities. The themes in this play like the power dynamic between Gerardo (husband) and Pauline (his wife) is something any couple can relate to i.e. a couple having gone through an extreme condition of rejection, betrayal and a mental stress disorder. This is actor Vidushi Mehra's very first directorial venture and fourth production with Samar Sarila (after Skylight, Lives Of Others and Molly Sweeney).

Since it delves in themes of crimes against women, the team behind this venture have also aligned themselves with a NGO called Azad Foundation, and a percentage of their ticket sales (₹1100 each) will go to their endeavours.

The play opens for 9 shows at 8PM, 2nd-10th April at Shed9, The Dhan Mill Compound (a new alternative artsy space opposite the Oddbird Theatre).

Make A Note

Show time is 8 PM and the gates will open at 7 pm. It's an hour-and-a-half-long play which will revolve around three characters, Gerardo, Dr Miranda, and Paulina - each character bringing out the flaws and drama in the other two. 

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