Take A Road Trip To The Back Of Beyond


    Situated only 300 kilometres away from Delhi, The Back of Beyond is a two-cottage homestay in the Himalayas, surrounded by a dense forest. It makes for the ideal getaway when city life gets a bit too much.

    A Home In The Hills

    The Back of Beyond is the closest we’re getting to Heidi’s mountain home in India. Set atop the Mohan Range, the homestay comprises two hand-crafted stone cottages with a thick jungle all around. The interiors, too, have a charming rustic appeal.

    Sightseeing, Gardening And Star Gazing

    Although we’d be happy to just curl up or lounge about the stunning property, there are a bunch of things to do both inside and outside the gate. You can catch up on your reading at the BoB library {they have a great collection on Jim Corbett’s tigers}, go trekking, indulge in a session of bird watching, watch the unobstructed stars at night, go fishing and of course, enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife.

    The surrounding jungle is home to many creatures, including wild boars, elephants, foxes, wild rabbits, monkeys, jungle cats, tigers, leopards and mountain goats, so you may even get lucky and spot a few.


    The founders, Joydeep Sarkar and Rashi Agrawal, have been living here and enjoying the mountain home for years. Do contact them prior to your trip so they can make all the necessary arrangements.