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We Are Taking Up The 100 Days Of Running Challenge, Are You In?

Abhijeet posted on 19th April

What Is It?

100DaysOfRunningChallenge is a running event like no other. Here, you will be participating with noobs and oh-so-fit peeps alike, from over 100 cities around the world who will be part of this running journey. As a part of the challenge, you are required to run 2 kms a day, for 100 days. And that’s it. There are no other rules. Run whenever, wherever but just be true to your goal.

OK, Why Should I Do It?

C’mon, this part is easy. If you can keep your morale up and actually complete the challenge, you will develop a great habit that will keep you fit for life. For Life! Not to mention that you will be a part of one of the biggest running challenges around the world and help fulfill the event’s goal of covering a whopping 3,84,400 kms — that’s the distance between our home and the Moon, in case you’re wondering!

Great, How Can I Conquer The Running Challenge?

For this part, we partnered up with adidas’ running captains in Delhi and here’s what they had to say.

Nivedita Samanta

A fitness entrepreneur and an asset with adidas’ runners’ community in Delhi, Nivedita suggests taking up #100DaysOfRunning challenge as a commitment to oneself by doing at least 15 minutes of running every day. Though before you begin, start with flex and mobility exercises like toe-touch, flat back, and downward dog, push-ups, squats, front and lateral lunges and bench dips.

Pro-Tip: Break 100 days into 4 phases of 25 days each and then make distance/time goals for each phase.

Reeti Sahai

An entrepreneur and adidas ambassador, she suggests starting slow, avoid being over enthusiastic, setting short term goals, and always keeping yourself hydrated. Completing the challenge will make you both, physically and mentally stronger. Though before you head out, it will do you good to spend some time on the yoga mat, and doing walking butt kicks, squat to stand and walking lunges.

Pro-Tip: Do not miss a day of running. You cannot compensate a missed day by running extra.

Awesome, Where Do I Sign-Up?

You gotta hurry because registration for the event will close on April 23. Just click here and fill out a very simple form {won’t take more than 50 seconds}. Learn more by following #100DaysOfRunningChallenge on Facebook here and check out the website here.

This story is in partnership with adidas.