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Taking Action on Delhi's Air Pollution

Aseem posted on 20 February

By Aseem Kulkarni

Yes we all know about how polluted the air in Delhi is. But usually many of us just continue with our daily routines, and puffing away on our cigarettes. The fact of the matter is Delhi loses 10,000 people annually as a result of them breathing this toxic air. It’s also not about us anymore, it’s about our kids and the future this city will provide for them. Delhi has more than 35 lakh school-going children in the 6-14 year age group, all of whom are subjected to heavy doses of pollution while at school and otherwise. This long exposure, especially with the younger lot, can lead to asthma and several respiratory issues down the line.

That’s why Toxicity, a GreenPeace initiative, has decided to do something about it. Using your location and real time data, Toxicity can measure air quality relative to your location in the city. Along with that they have created a petition urging Satyender Jain, the recently appointed Health Minister for Delhi, to issue a health advisory to protect Delhi's children on highly polluted days as well as provide a healthy environment for all of us.

There’s no time to waste, sign up and make sure the government steps up and your voice is heard!

For more information and to sign up click here