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Talk of the Town | Free Parking Entertainment

Editors posted on 14 March

By Editors

Delhi is a colourful city, and from time to time, you can be sure to meet interesting people. What makes them interesting may vary – you'll find the man with the daree in a sari, the lady who has mastered 100 and something ways to drape a sari, someone who has taken a vow of silence till there is world peace, a jazz singer who integrated sufi and gospel music, and a self-taught cake and cupcake baker who produces little works of art. We might admire them, call them crazy {we know what you're thinking about 'another cupcake person'}, or envy the courage of their conviction – regardless, they get our attention long enough for us to formulate an opinion.

LBBD’s been scouting the more known, yet largely unknown, from this lot. These Delhiwaalas are doing exactly as they please {within the boundaries of the law, of course}, even if it borders on non-conformist. Well, by Delhi’s standards anyway. Who’s to say the Capital’s list of 'acceptable' jobs isn’t open to a makeover; most of us know it needs one.

Until then, we’re bringing these fast becoming talk of the town, shining personalities and all, to your computer screens, in short videos.

First up, LBBD, in association with Opera, presents the drama riddled lives of Free Parking Entertainment.

Find out more about them here.