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If you love Delhi, you’re probably reading LBB to keep up with everything the city has to offer. And if you read LBB, you’ve probably grown to love {for some, found more reasons to love} good old Dilli. We’re looking to spread the fabulousness of the Capital, the city our crew here calls home, and we’re looking for YOU to join us!

If you’re a freelancer, or work flexible hours, love any one {or all} facets of Delhi, and enjoy meeting new people, we’ve got walks for you to remember. Yes, we mean that in every sense of those words!

Come September, LBB will be organizing walks around popular areas and hidden gems of Delhi. This could be a culinary experience centric walk through HKV, a history oriented walk through the more central Connaught Place, or a curated culturally rich walk through the galis of Chandni Chowk. People we’ve done, and will be doing these walks with, come from all over the city, and all over the world!

Where do you come in?

We’ll give you the low down, the itinerary, and the sign ups, in return for your creative inputs. After that, it’s up to you to get the show on the road! We’re looking for what we’re calling the “LBB TTW Crew”; Delhi lovers who are happy to put their best foot forward.

We’re not talking long-winded history lessons, or memorizing convoluted names and places. We curate our walks to ensure they’re seasoned with local flavour, and we want a crew who’ll infuse these with their ideas and personalities.

Life, history, culture, food, shopping – walk the walk, and talk your city up for all the awesomeness it has on offer.

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