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    Delhi's Modest Autos Just Got A Wild Makeover & We Can't Wait To Hop Inside

    Ronojoy posted on 01 July

    You may be fond of the Salman and Aishwarya stickers in your auto rickshaws, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the artists at Taxi Fabric have changed the way one looks at art within an auto. Jyotirmayee Patra of Taxi Fabric, has made what she calls a “Chalti Firti Art Gallery.” Taking Dilli Haat’s splash of colours, and ideas as inspiration, Patra has created an auto-rickshaw burstling with motifs, symbols, and textures.

    Sanchit Sawaria, another artist at Taxi Fabric, on the other hand, has used Mirza Ghalib’s relationship with the city of Delhi as his reference point. If you’re stuck in traffic, there’s no place you’d rather be, to pass away your time studying the nuances of not only the roof, and sides of the auto, but the very seat you would be sitting on! You can read more about this here, and see all the other works here.

    These are all running on the streets – we do hope you manage to catch one for your next ride.

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