Diwali is almost here, and we’re fired up to pull out all the stops with 2 weeks of party itineraries and indulgences. Whether you’re playing with the high rollers, or raking in the maal at the low stakes taash table, it just doesn’t work without some fast, hot food to keep your mind calculating, and to keep track of potentially complex variations {flipping jokers that freeze when three people pack and the dealer moves …aaah!}

Adding fuel to your Diwali fire is Rollmaal. The perfect taash table snack, the food is a young urban mix of traditional flavours, tweaked to produce new and fun interpretations of your street food favourites. Kind of like you sitting at the taash table like your parents did back in the day, minus the Kishore Kumar background score. In other words, Rollmaal has “taken the classics and given them a shock, signature remix, while retaining some evergreen flavours.” We’re looking forward to their kebab mein haddi variation – buy a mutton roll and get a keema pav free. Sounds like a meaty deal to us!

If you’ve got more of a casino feel going, and you’re looking for some international flavours, check out Speedy Chow’s teen patti variations. With new offers available daily, you never know what hand you might get dealt. The difference is though, with these variations, there’s no trail and error – everyone is always a winner! We played the Bruce Lee Variation and got ourselves a free dessert – and we’d say that was a pretty sweet deal. Keep your eye out for the CWG Scam variation– one Chinese main course free with every Chinese main course ordered.

To find your winning hand, check out the daily offers on their Facebook pages; here for Rollmall and here for Speedy Chow

Speaking of variations, looking for some fun ones to play while you focus on your meal? Check some out here

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