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Thai House by Kylin

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Navni posted on 21st November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Pan-Asian restaurant Kylin has recently launched a specialty Thai restaurant in GK 1, N Block. Thai House’s menu includes everything from greens to chicken to lamb to a tonne of seafood, all beautifully-plated.

Chow Down

Seafood Coconut Soup, Chicken In Pandan Leaf, Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream

Sip On

Green Curry Mojito {this is currently in its virgin form; the liquor license is on its way}

Winning For

Their terrace- it’s spread out although small and done up in candles and bright cushions

Prawn Star

We started with a deliciously spicy and sweet Green Curry {virgin} Mojito which was high on lemongrass, followed by what should be your new winter staple- the Coconut Seafood Soup which was magically creamy and light at the same time, with a generous splash of squid and prawn.

The appetisers and main course continued to be consistently good. Although we tried a truckload of dishes, the ones we’d ordering again and again would include the Minced Chicken Salad, the Chicken in Pandan Leaf which is so perfectly spiced we wanted marination tips and the Grilled Butterfly Jumbo Prawns.

The Spicy Jungle Lamb Curry however left us a little unsatisfied, as compared to everything else.

Chilli Scenes

If you’re looking to maintain the Thai flavours right till the end, the Tum Tim Krob which is a combination of coconut, water chestnut and red rubies {not the semi-precious stone, don’t worry}.

However if you’re looking to switch things up, we’d strongly recommend the home-made Chilli Chocolate Ice Cream which even with a nip in the air, tastes absolutely gorgeous.

So, We're Saying...

Thai House By Kylin is a gorgeously done up restaurant but we have a soft corner for their outdoor area which we think is perfect for a date.


Make sure you deviate from the usual Thai curry and order off their Grills section- this is where all the gems are hiding.

More Information

Greater Kailash - 1

N-6, 1st Floor, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

Thai House by Kylin

Greater Kailash - 1
Casual Dining