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Starting Early At The Beer Café: Breakfast Now Served

Aditi posted on 06 December


There’s now a perfectly reasonable excuse to be at The Beer Café before noon; they’re serving breakfast from 9am – 12pm on weekends.

What’s Cooking?

Mostly the kind of grub you need after a night of the other stuff served here! Basically, carbs. There’s the egg selection – French toast, a few kinds of omelettes and Akuri on Toast. An American breakfast gets you bacon and hash browns on the side, the English breakfast gets you baked beans, mushrooms, chicken sausages and a grilled tomato on the side.

If you feel like only Indian will hit the spot but don’t want to risk the usually healthy south Indian fare, worry not – there are more carbs: Bread Pakora, Vada Pav and Aloo Paratha!

The Sweetest Bit

In making the critical choice between waffles and pancakes, we went for the latter and we’re glad we did. We got a stack of banana pancakes with not-too-little not-too-much maple syrup which, along with the bright Sunday sun, made for quite a Jack Johnson sort of morning.

Anything Else?

Be sure to tell them how you like your tea – we ordered the Masala Chai and since we don’t like anyone messing with our morning brew, we asked for a second serving with less milk which turned out just right.

The Beer Café at Supermart {the only outlet waking up early to service our whims} is quite bright and cheerful, with outdoor seating in case you want to soak up the morning sun. The service seemed quite leisurely, but hey, what are weekends for anyway?

If you’d like a healthy side of something and want anything fruity to lessen your guilt, well – there’s always the banana pancake.

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