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You Won't Get Into Trouble For Eating In This Classroom


    Concepts and themes are quite commonplace at G-Town’s eateries and The Classroom got the memo too. Complete with chalkboards, dusty looking walls, graffiti outside the loo and servers in school uniform, this newbie in Sector 29 is a microbrewery disguised as a classroom.

    From Notebooks To Industrial Chic

    Spread across three levels, check out the lighting fixtures fashioned out of old notebooks and don’t miss the circled spelling mistakes on the menu. The atmosphere here is definitely more fun than a regular classroom but the nostalgia has a feel-good factor.

    Order a round of cocktails, named after typical high school memories like Detention, Punishment and Back Bencher. The one we loved most was the ‘May I Comin Please’ {with the spelling error encircled} which was Sambuca-infused vodka and guava juice – perfect for summer! Pair with some old-school starters like Chicken 65, Chicken Wings, Kakori Kebab and Crispy Kongee Lamb and their artisanal beers and you’ll be tipsy before the main course.

    So Familiar, So Delish

    That’s the thing about the menu at The Classroom – every dish is familiar and yet has a certain uniqueness about it. Go regional with the Baida Roti or take a trip to the streets of South Africa with the Bunny Chow, which is usually mince stuffed in a hollowed-out loaf of bread but they do it with chicken in buns.

    Though the menu includes pastas, risottos, burgers and pizzas, keep those for an afternoon of beer and skip to the mains for a lavish dinner. Try the Kerala Veg Stew with Idiyappam or Meen Moilee with rice for a south Indian fix. But the real stars at this restaurant have got to be the Mutton Nihari and Berry Pulao.

    So, We’re Saying...

    Finish with Haji Ali’s Fruit Cream and be prepared to visit again – this is the kind of menu you can’t do justice to in one go!