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The Cure For Your Chores | New Runner Service in Town

Namrata posted on 10th January

[alert type=yellow ]Editors Note: This service is no longer functional. It has shut down. [/alert]By Namrata Juneja

How often have you had a million little things to do but are too hard-pressed for time, or perhaps just feel lazy? At times like these, you wish there was someone to do your running around? Well, you no longer need to wish - MotoRun is at your disposal! This brand new service offers pick-up and delivery from point to point, and employs a fleet of motorcycle riders. Need meat picked up for a dinner soiree? A sick friend you want to send some flowers to? MotoRun will handle it. Right down to picking up your daily basics and your dry-cleaning, this innovative service has been introduced to save you time, money and effort.

You no longer need to head to a busy market and painstakingly search for a parking spot {we all know rare those are in our overpopulated capital} - all for a carton of milk. Just have MotoRun check off all the items on your grocery list. They’ll even hop on over to your local wine shop and pick you up a chilled pint of beer - provided they receive a bill for it. The best part? They’re operational seven days a week, from 10am to 8pm, and in most cases promise delivery within the hour.

Initially, MotoRun operated only in South Delhi, but now they’re expanding to other parts of town as well, as long as one of the points is in South Delhi. If they’ve riders to spare, they’ll deliver anywhere in the NCR. Some items to avoid though are meals with gravy, cups of coffee or Coke - basically anything that may spill. They’ll carry glass and certain other breakables; in fact they’ll even provide the bubble wrap for protection!

What are you waiting for?

Notes in our Little Black Book |

MotoRun is just the helping hand you need for all your chores and obligations, when you simply have no time or inclination! Just a phone call away, their efficient motorcycle riders will pick up and deliver anything from point to point in South Delhi. This ranges from groceries, to clothes at the dry-cleaners, to your favourite dessert from that quaint patisserie that’s a little too far away from your place. Say hello to convenience at the press of a button, folks.

You can check out their website, here.

Timings: 10am to 8pm, seven days a week.

Charges: Rs. 20 for the first 2kms, Rs. 6 for every consequent km.


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