After getting Bombay, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata folks drunk, The Irish House is all set to opens its doors at Epicuria within a month, with its signature exposed brick walls, high bar stools and just that tinge of Irish green. We’re pretty kicked. Why?

There’s going to a great outdoor area complete with community tables. Because let’s face it, the more the merrier.

There will be a super extensive beer list comprising both domestic and imported beer.

There will be an almost equally extensive wine list.

There will be giant screens for those who want to enjoy their pints while watching a live match.

Our Mumbai friends tell us great stories about their Loaded Fries—picture French fries topped with cheese, chicken, veggies and… wait for it…bacon.

Sunday brunch with board games. This excites us the most really. #DrunchPlans

Featured image courtesy: The Irish House