The New & Awesome PLAYGO BH70 Is Here And It’s A Crowd Favourite!


What Makes It Awesome?

Coffee just became a lot more exciting thanks to PLAY! Launched recently, their flagship product, PLAYGO BH70, is now available for you to buy. But like any good customer, you should try them first. And now you can, at the very own Barista Cafes near you. Confused? Let me explain. At Baristas near you in Delhi Mumbai & Bangalore, you will find a PLAY Experience Zone where you can get hands-on experience of PLAY BH 70 – the world’s first AI Bluetooth headset. From Active Noise Cancellation to tailored sound and Smart Sensor Control, the PLAYGO BH 70 is THE headphone you must have! Here’s how it does that: 

1. AI that fine-tunes your world

PLAY G0 BH70 through an AI-assisted audio optimization technology prevents noise from entering your device and delivers optimal audio. It furthermore gives you a soothing and high resolution audio experience. So cool!

2. Music That Fits Your Ears

Different people have different hearing conditions. PLAYGO BH70 through an exclusive algorithm detects your unique hearing condition, makes up for any hearing loss and fills in your blind music spots by matching it to the Golden Curve. Therefore, customizing the music experience for you. Does it get any better?

3. Smart Touch & Talk

Smart Touch & Talk detects human voices, increases their volume while temporarily lowering the sound of music. To activate simply cup the left earphone and discuss with your work mate exactly how ‘important’ is the next meeting’s agenda!

4. Auto Pause & Play

You put your headphones off, the music stops. You put them on, it resumes. Thanks to the built-in infrared sensor in these headphones, you don’t have to rewind or restart your listening experience. Now, that saves sooo much time!

5. Keep aware of the outside world

PLAYGO BH70 has a Transparency mode that ensures you don’t compromise on your safety while enjoying music on the go. It enables you to hear the surroundings in situations where the environment noise needs to be heard. Cause safety comes first!

So, We Are Saying...

Head to your nearest Barista and get your hands on the stunning PLAYGO BH70 right away!