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The Odd-Even Scheme is Coming Back in April!

Urvee posted on 11th February

Rejoice! {Or not, if you aren't a fan}.

After 1,82,808 missed calls, 28,400 forms filled online and 9,000 emails all giving feedback on the odd-even scheme, our Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has announced that a whopping 81% of Delhiwallas are in favour of the scheme being implemented again.

Well, ask and ye shall receive: The next round of 'odd-even' will happen between April 15 - 30. No school buses will be hired this time, but they are looking to take on 5,500 private buses. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, two-wheelers and women are still exempt.

Other highlights include:

Plans for an elevated BRT corridor, sans cars

VIP's will continue to be exempt, but the govt hopes that they will follow this voluntarily

500 retired defence personnel to be hired as traffic enforcement officers

Kejriwal has mentioned that it will be implemented in phases, until the public transport is made strong enough

The fine for violating the scheme is likely to be increased

Are you happy that the odd-even scheme will be back soon? Let us know!

Featured image courtesy: Newsmobile