We know all about Uday Park’s neighbourhood coffee shop, The Coffee Bond, but not many know of The Organic Bond- their adjoining store which keeps only organic groceries. We checked it out and here are some of the things we found awesome.

Our eyes went straight to everybody’s favourite – Blue Tokai coffee. It’s kept alongside their limited stock of Axil seasonal blend {a mix of beans from Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil}, which they bought all the way from Melbourne.

230816_coffeebond2Next up was cold pressed organic apple juice from Biona. Biona is a UK-based sustainable, organic brand that believes in 100 per cent transparency for all their products, and use only sustainable farming methods. Their cider vinegar has more than a dozen health benefits and if consumed properly, can help boost your immune system too. 

They also sell organic tea, grains, cookies, jams, herbs, chips and even a superfood smoothie mix.

Featured photo: Nandani Bansal/LBB